If you are looking for a slightly less VIP experience at Monaco and do not require hospitality, we offer tickets for the grandstands as well.

K Grandstand

The biggest grandstand and the most popular among our guests, K Grandstand sits along the Quai Albert, looking out on Monaco Harbour and is the perfect location to see the cars arrive into Tabac Corner and move off towards Piscine. The Grandstand is also directly in front of the giant screen so that when the cars are not directly visible, guests can follow all the action.

A Grandstands

Close-up views of the first corner at Ste Devote.

B Grandstand

Fantastically located in Casino Square, this grandstand gives a great view of the cars after they’ve slowed down for this section of the course, then disappear towards the hairpin.

C Grandstand

A great view as the cars exit the corner from the hairpin and accelerate into the Monaco Tunnel – one of the most iconic sights in Formula One.

E Grandstand

The hardest breaking point on the circuit and always an area of high action as cars slow from the tunnel exit, into the chicane, and then speed towards Tabac.

M Grandstand

Next to the swimming pool, looking out towards the harbour. Spectators see the cars exit Tabac and enter the Piscine corners.

N, O and P Grandstands

Inland views towards the swimming pool as cars negotiate the 2 corners of Piscine.

L Grandstand

Exit of Piscine, viewing the cars towards the corner at Rascasse.

T Grandstand

This is the grandstand where sponsors and Paddock Club guests also watch the race. Spectators see the cars exit Piscine for the brief burst of acceleration before braking for Rascasse and the final sector.

V Grandstand

View of the cars exiting Rascasse and heading up the home straight to finish the lap – or cars entering the pit lane.

X Grandstands

Acceleration towards the start / finish line and the end of each lap.

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